5 Tips for Cuckolding Your Husband

By: Dominique Bines

There are a lot of ways to cuckold your husband and I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips and tricks to ensure that your experience is as worthwhile as possible.

First, let me explain what a cuckold is for those who are unfamiliar. In general, a cuckold refers to a married man whose wife engages in sexual affairs with other men. This can be done for several different reasons. For more information, check out the our other posts to learn more about cuckolding.

For this post, the tips I outline below can be used in all forms of cuckolding and, by using them, I hope you and your cuck will have plenty of fun with the new relationship that develops between you.

  1. Learn to take control. This skill can take some time to master but, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Eventually, it will be second nature and your husband will learn to be the beta male he truly wants to be.
  2. Limit how much sex you have with your cuckold. When you aren’t seeing another man, you can increase the frequency you allow him inside of you however, keep the cuckold theme alive by teasing him and reminding your cuckold why he doesn’t satisfy you – small dick, premature ejaculator, poor lover, etc.
  3. Control when he can cum. This will secure the psychological impact of his status as a Beta Male. Your cuckold needs to learn that his needs are not important. Limiting his penetrative opportunities will establish you as his primary source of pleasure. You decide when he can cum… and yes, that includes masturbation.
  4. Include teasing into your daily routine. Drop hints and teases about what you are planning to do with your new lover. Use nudity to tease him; drive your cuckold wide by letting him see you nude often but don’t allow him to touch you. Get your cuckold excited through suggestive texts, emails, videos, etc. Make it apart of your game.
  5. Make him help you get ready. Torture him by forcing your cuckold to help you prepare for your lover. Have him pick out your outfit. Give him a peek at your freshly shaved pussy, teasing him the entire time. While doing this, drive your cuckold wild by reminding him that he is preparing you for your lover.

Most importantly, remember to have fun with your lover and your cuckold. Enjoy the experience and the feeling of getting off on your lover’s large cock. Feel the power of controlling your cuckold husband and embrace his new role within your relationship.

Are you in a cuckold relationship? What are some tips you would give to others? Let me know in the comments below.

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