An Introduction to Male Chastity

By Tony Smalls

Male chastity can be a fun… and frustrating thing. However, looking through some stuff online, I’ve started seeing a lot of unrealistic and misrepresented things involving this little practice. Thought it would be good to explain what male chastity actually is like and help clear up some misconceptions.

Chastity is Not Weird

Though it’s could be strange to some, male chastity doesn’t have to be weird. Before you judge it, realize that, for some people who’ve incorporated chastity into their relationships, it has actually improved their lives. Many who do lock their cocks continue doing so because it ends up working out so well for them and their partners.

Simply put, male chastity is a man who wears a device which encases his penis to prevent erections.

While it is worn, the male is unable to have sex, masturbate, or orgasm easily without his partners knowledge or consent. If you’re looking for a chastity cage, check out our Tips and Tricks for Buying A Chastity Cage.

Chastity is Not for Cheaters

Male chastity is not something you do because someone cheated on you or because you don’t trust them and think they’re going to cheat. If cheating is an issue in your relationship, there are bigger problems to worry about. Chastity won’t solve those.

That’s why it’s important not to associate chastity with trust issues because that’s not what it’s meant for. It’ll end up doing more harm than good.

What is Chastity Good For Then?

For the submissive male, wearing a chastity device can represent the ultimate form of submission. It can have a powerful psychological effect.

He is literally giving away control of his penis to his partner. Now someone else has complete control over when and if they get sexual pleasure. Once he has given away that ability to his keyholder, he no longer has a way to cum. As more time passes, his desire for a release will build and the cage will enhance that feeling.

This is especially true if his partner knows this and teases him while locked. The keyholder will have his full attention and all his energy will be directed towards him. With this little device, she will have a powerful, psychological tool she can wield over him.

Controlling Him

After understanding the psychological side of male chastity, you can move onto the control. Since the chastity device has turned his desire, passion, attention, and focus solely towards his keyholder, she now has the opportunity to enforce her will on the relationship. She has control over him in ways she never had before.

From little things to big things, it’s up to her how far she wishes to go. For many though, this level of control can be intoxicating. Knowing he’s wearing the device and will do anything to get out adds a whole new dimension to any female led relationship.

This is why many couples who try male chastity never go back. It energizes the submissive male and bring enormous pleasure to his partner.

Male Chastity is the ultimate win-win situation. Wouldn’t you agree? Have you tried Male Chastity before? What were your experiences? Let us know in the comments down below.

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