Dominique Bines

Dominique Bines

Humiliatrix, Publisher, Goddess



I was first introduced to erotic humiliation by a close friend of mine, Tony Smalls who writes Small Penis Humiliation stories. At first, I didn’t quite understand why someone would enjoy being told how pathetic they are. However, as the years passed, I learned more about it and dove deeper into this fetish. I began to see just how pathetic and desperate tiny men can be. How they long for someone to tell them just how pitiful they actually are.

I have never had a problem speaking my mind, a skill that comes in handy with this particular fetish. With Tony’s help, I quickly learned ways to humiliate practicing on him and his tiny, worthless nub. I also started dominating men online with various stories and scenes. It turns out I had a talent for it. My sexual imagination combined with my growing understanding of their desires helped me become more comfortable with doing it.

Due to this, I have decided to share my writing and love of humiliating worthless men with the world by creating Small Penis Publishing. I want to share my passion by publishing books, stories, captions, articles, and more to give all of you pathetic men something to enjoy.


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