Does Male Chastity Mean No Sex?

By Tony Smalls

A lot of the stuff online about Male Chastity typically depicts locked men as weak and worthless. They’re typically being cuckolded and kept locked in their cock cages forever; never allowed to have sex or an orgasm again.

However, that is not the case for all chastity relationships, however. That is simply one way of using chastity.

In reality, chastity can be a mild and fun experience, more serious, or somewhere in-between. It doesn’t have to be kinky. It could just be about control. Perhaps the couple wants a normal sex life, except his cock gets locked between uses. The fact that he can’t play with it until they’re together just makes it that much more fun and exciting. It could be that simple.

Others may decide on a more serious role. One where he only gets unlocked once per week, once per month, or even longer. Meanwhile, sex still happens often except, he’s locked during it. Typically, this occurs through oral or the use of a strap-on used by him over the top of the cage. This can be a deliciously frustrating experience.

Additionally, in cuckolding relationships, the locked male’s partner can enjoy sex with others while he is still locked. Seeing her with another man while your cock is locked in chastity can be wonderful; building up your desire to cum even more.

The longer a man is locked, the more the denial will build, increasing his enjoyment of the experience. A lot of men find they adore the feeling of being horny and, knowing that they can’t get rid of that feeling without permission really adds to the pleasure once he finally does get to cum. This probably is why Ruined Orgasms have gained popularity.

Chastity benefits both partners. It’s a major turn on for him because of the loss of control involved. The desire to submit in a submissive male isn’t something that can be changed. It is a core aspect of his being.

While he can hide it, he can’t suppress that desire forever. That’s why he wants to give up control to his partner: it is the ultimate form of submission.

Control Helps Grow Her Confidence

As chastity becomes a normal aspect of the relationship, she will become more adventurous. She often will discover more about her sexuality and her domineering side. This helps shift the relationship dynamic. He can embrace his submissive side while she can be empowered from her domination role.

Chastity gives the female the ultimate control in female led relationships. It helps both partners discover their roles and keeps him focused on her pleasure, needs, and desires.

In the end, the amount of sex in a relationship involving Male Chastity can vary greatly depending on the people involved. In the end, its about finding a balance that works for both partners. Whatever that may be.


Have you tried Male Chastity in your relationship before? What were your experiences? Let us know in the comments down below.

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