An Unhappy Ending

When I had a last-minute cancellation for my final massage for the day, I was more than a little upset. Thankfully though, I managed to get the appointment filed by a new client, Jamie.

Jamie seemed nice enough. He put me on edge by his persistent questions about how well… parts of him would be covered during his massage.

In my line of work, I was used to this, however. Being a massage therapist, many men assumed my business was one of those “happy ending” places. That could not be further from the truth.

Having yet met a man I couldn’t handle, I pushed my worries aside and accepted the appointment.

While many of the men who laid on my table tended to get a thrill at the potential of “accidentally” being exposed during their massage, Jamie seemed more concerned about keeping himself covered, which was a welcome relief.

However, once I discovered why he was so insistent, I was not surprised he wanted to hide his… shortcomings.

Not only that but, Jamie loses control all over himself meaning the only thing Jamie would leave this massage parlor with was An Unhappy Ending.

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