Coming Up Short

Physically, I had always been slow to develop. While my mental capacities had me sitting at the top of the class throughout high school, my body let me down. I’m six foot tall now, but the final six inches only materialized after I hit the age of eighteen.

And six inches, or rather the lack of it, has always been my problem, but in another area.

When I went on my first real date in high school, I knew I was behind my peers… I was eighteen and had never even been kissed. But then I met Mel, who ended up asking me out since I never had the courage to ask her myself.

After a few dates, Mel discovered my… little secret but promised not to tell anyone as long as I did whatever she told me to… including locking myself up in a special, little cage…

Mel had me wrapped around her little finger and would never let me forget it because, where it counted, I was… Coming Up Short.

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