Humiliating My Little Brother

Looking back, I know my fascination with dominating men began with my step-brother, Marc, over the summer before we went to college. Growing up, Marc had always been a shy, nervous kid who embodied the very definition of awkward.

For some reason, I got a thrill out of mocking him, and I was always looking for new ideas for torment. Teasing him with skimpy outfits and using my body to control him. I could get Marc to do whatever I pleased simply by bathing my eyes and giving him a quick peek down my shirt.

He was like putty in my hands.

Still though, this was too easy. I wanted more. I didn’t just want to control him; I wanted to own him.

I impatiently waited for the perfect chance. Finally, my opportunity arrived after walking in on Marc… getting in touch with himself.

Struck by a wicked idea, I homed in on an insecurity most men shared. Though, convincing Marc he was inadequately small was only the beginning of my plans.

I had many more sinister ideas for Humiliating My Little Brother.

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