Mocked By Nurses

When Kevin arrived for his yearly physical, he was already filled with dread. Though required as part of his job, this was always his least favorite thing about working where he did. Even though he hated it, Kevin had come to terms with the embarrassment he felt whenever he revealed his… shortcomings.

Kevin thought that he knew everyone who conducted the yearly physicals for his employer; however, unfortunately for him, a new addition was made to the staff team. After starting off on the wrong foot by getting caught staring at his nurse’s backside, Kevin had no idea just how much trouble he was in until the moment of truth arrived.

As he revealed his lack of manhood, Kevin was unprepared for the nurse’s response, making him feel like the smallest man in the world… that was until, after further examination, it turned out that he just might be. Regardless, Kevin was ill-equipped for being… Mocked By Nurses.

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