Mother’s Helping Hand

When dating, Brandon tended to wait as long as he could to reveal just how little he has to offer. After showing his latest girlfriend, he is told to leave because he does not have enough to offer. Now, Brandon is left humiliated with yet another embarrassing experience and laughter ringing in his ears.

Upset, Brandon drives home to the comforting arms of his step-mother, Liz. After revealing what happened, Brandon shows her his shame. Liz takes pity on him and tries to help Brandon overcome his humiliation.

In the end, Brandon must trust that his step-mother knows best as she helps him feel like a real man for the first time in his life. However, even she has trouble not telling Brandon what she truly thinks about his shortcomings.

However, with his step-mother’s helping hand, Brandon manages to get past his embarrassment and finally become a man.

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