Smallest She’s Had 4: Learning to Please

Ever since my girlfriend Ashley and I discovered a mutual interest in the SPH fetish, things between us had never been better. We originally started out as just friends but, after a while, I finally gathered enough courage to ask her out.

To my surprise, she had said yes.

The first time she saw me naked though, she was honest with me regarding my small size. Since then, Ashley has confirmed several times that my size did not matter to her. However, once Ashley discovered how responsive my little guy was when she talked about how tiny it was, she and I delved into the SPH lifestyle.

While Ashley was the first woman I had ever been with, she was not a virgin when we met. One of our first experiences was her admitting that I was the smallest she has ever had. Ashley even proved this by showing me pictures of her last boyfriend, Marc, and his massive manhood and I realized I was no comparison at all. I was nearly four times smaller than Marc.

Even knowing that though, Ashley has been nothing but kind and patient with me, my inexperience, and my little cock. And I have been in heaven ever since.

Now though, after a little experimenting together, I have finally… learned to please.

This is the Fourth story in the Smallest She’s Had series.
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