Smallest She’s Had 2: Tasteful Teasing

After our first time together, my girlfriend, Ashley, admitted that I was the smallest she had ever been with, by far. Thankfully though, Ashley wasn’t mean about it or cruel in any way. I know she cared about me and, according to her, the size of my… member was only a number. Ashley loved me, and that’s all that mattered.

Being a male in today’s society, I had been continuously told that bigger was better and that all women wanted guys with a longer length. After last night though, I realized just how much smaller than average I truly was, and I didn’t feel upset.

Instead, I felt aroused.

Now, I accepted that I was small. I didn’t have a problem admitting it to myself anymore. To be honest, I had felt a sense of relief ever since I came to that realization. Now that both Ashley and I could openly discuss me and my small size, I felt much closer to her than I had before.

I now accepted that I was the smallest she has ever been with and, from what Ashley had told me, she didn’t mind. I think she actually enjoyed teasing me about it as well, from the sounds of it.

Part of me craved her ridicule, longed for her comments, and desired the humiliation.

Emboldened by our new-found interest in humiliation, Ashley decided to explore this fetish by arranging a humiliating outing at the mall.

Let’s just say that Ashley found the perfect way to have a little tasteful teasing with the smallest man she’s had.

This is the second story in the Smallest She’s Had series.
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