The Night Nurse

I have always hated hospitals. The smell, the rooms, and just the general uneasy feeling that comes along with such a place. However, like all things we dread, eventually, we find ourselves forced to face our fears. For me, this occurred after I had a hernia I needed to have seen about.

Like most men, I tended to ignore things until they got bad and, eventually, I couldn’t put aside the pain any longer and scheduled an appointment with my doctor. Truth be told, I probably should have gotten my hernia looked at a long time ago but, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My distaste for hospitals is matched only by my hatred of doctor appointments. Especially when the problem involves anything near my genitals.

Fine, I’ll admit it: I am very uncomfortable showing people what is between my legs. Or lack thereof…

When John was admitted to the hospital for his next-day hernia surgery, he never would have imagined the events of that night. How would he have known that his crush would be the only nurse on duty to prep him for tomorrow? How could he have guessed how she would have reacted when she discovered his little secret?

One thing is for sure however, John will never be the same after his experience with… The Night Nurse.

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