The Physical: The Little Discovery Series

When I first arrived at my doctor’s appointment, I had thought it would be nothing more than a routine physical for my insurance. I had always detested physicals and having to bare all for a complete stranger especially with my… shortcomings.

In the past, whenever I have an examination, the doctor tries to remain as professional as possible when I reveal just how little I have in front of them. By now, I am used to the raised eyebrows, the puzzled expressions, and the occasional smirk as the doctor tells me to “Turn my head and cough.”

It was embarrassing sure, but I was used to it. At least, I was until my typical doctor could not perform my examination, and I am left in the hands of my step-sister, Caroline. How would she react once she discovers the truth?

Revealing my little secret to my step-sister turned my physical from routine… to completely taboo.

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