Smallest She’s Had 1: The Reveal

Ashley and I had been friends since we met in Freshman Orientation. It was long after that I realized she was the woman of my dreams. Unbelievably, when I finally gathered up enough courage to ask her out, all Ashley said was “About damn time.”

After giving me a special birthday surprise, Ashley made a passing comment regarding the size of my… member. Eventually, I got her to admit her meaning and she confessed that mine as the smallest she had ever seen or been with.

Ashley repeatedly affirmed that size didn’t matter to her but, no matter what she said, I still felt slightly inadequate.

Especially after we decided to take our relationship to the next level and couldn’t because the only protection she said was way too large for my little guy.

After some trial and mostly error, we finally found one small enough to fit me.

Once we had finished though, I was still in denial that I was actually that small.

Curious, Ashley offered to measure me and let me know my real size. Once she had, then we would be able to see exactly how large… or small, I actually was.

After Ashley saw my results however, there was no denying that I was definitely the SMALLEST SHE’S HAD.

This is the first story in the Smallest She’s Had series.
Next in series: Smallest She’s Had – Tasteful Teasing.

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