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The Power of Facesitting

By Dominique Bines

I’ll tell you a secret. It’s simple really and one that gets overlooked a lot in female-lead D/s or femdom relationships.

Facesitting can be a powerful tool to help strengthen the bond between a dominant and her submissive. While many women might feel hesitant to sit on their sub’s face, there can be massive benefits from preforming this act.

Most importantly, there is a psychological effect that happens. When the submissive male is under his domme, he is looking up at her, admiring her beauty and seeing her for who she truly is. She is above him; in control. This position promotes some of the strongest submissive feelings a sub can have.

For the domme, this position has many benefits as well. She is positioned to control her pleasure more. Moving her pussy or ass where she wants them to be. Grinding into his face and placing his tongue in exactly the right spot.

Facesitting is a position of power and will make her feel like she owns her sub. While on his face, the domme can do as she pleases. Either making him focus solely on her pleasure or play with his body as well. She can give him pleasure if he’s earned it or discipline him while he is busy pleasuring her.

Tying his arms down can add to the loss of control feeling. This can make him feel completely helpless affording the domme the ability to remain on his face for as long as she wishes. Ensuring she is completely satisfied.

The feeling of powerlessness from being under her will deepen his obedience. Even more so than pegging for many. Pegging, chastity, and facesitting all complement one another beautifully, helping the sub learn his place in the relationship.

While facesitting can make a sub eager to provide oral pleasure, the domme can receive pleasure in other ways. Making him wear a face dildo is a perfect example of this. She can experience the joys of penetrative sex using his face while he doesn’t even get the pleasure of tasting her. An act of total submission. Putting him completely in his place.

The act of facesitting opens her up to being able to use him in any way she pleases. Her pleasure becomes his reward. His face becomes her throne. In this position, he is completely owned and totally devoted to one thing: her.


What do you think about facesitting? Have you ever tried it? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below.

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