Submissive Male with dominate female's feet on his back.

What It Means to Be A Submissive Male

By Tony Smalls

If she ordered you to kiss her feet, would you do it? Would you drop to your knees before her, worshiping the ground she walks on? Would you submit to her desires, no matter how obscure?

Then, you might be the perfect submissive.

While the general, public perception of a submissive male isn’t great, I thought it would be a good idea to help clear the air. There are too many misconceptions about what it means to be submissive. That’s sad really, since a lot of men (and women) are missing out on something fantastic.

Being Submissive Doesn’t Make You Weak

Unfortunately, outside the kink community, when a man admits he’s submissive, he is often dismissed as a potential partner for some women. The misconception is that, to be submissive, you have to be weak. This isn’t true.

Being submissive can simply mean that you like being led, enjoys putting others before himself, or simply less aggressive and more compassionate. Looking over those characteristics, do any of them sound like weakness?

Being Submissive Doesn’t Mean You’re Gay

Another huge misconception about submissive males is that they’re gay. This could not be further from the truth. Being submissive and being gay are two totally different things.

This misconception arises because of the submissive male’s tendency to be gentler and calmer. They don’t tend to lash out in anger and are often more in touch with their own emotions. Subs know that suppressive emotion isn’t healthy for anyone. Besides, being in touch with your emotions enables you to be more vulnerable with the women in their lives.

Vulnerability and Submission

If you view vulnerability in this way, you can see it more as a strength and a weakness. By being submissive, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up in ways that many might consider terrifying.

In other words, you have to face your deepest fears and allow yourself to be both emotionally and physically naked in front of your partner. This creates a deep, trusting connection that few men ever truly get to experience. They’re not strong enough to open themselves up that much.

In conclusion, becoming a submissive male actually opens you up to world of possibilities. While several misconceptions about it exist, being a sub requires a great deal of strength and, with the right dominate partner, you can enjoy a healthy and happy female led relationship.

Are you a submissive male? Tell me about your experiences in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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